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Abu Bakr Masjid (Calgary)

Abu Bakr Islamic Centre, a place of worship for the Muslim community, is a central hub for the provision of religious services. These services encompass a range of educational and spiritual offerings, including the instruction of Arabic language and grammar for the purpose of Quranic understanding and prayer proficiency. Additionally, Abu Bakr Islamic Centre often offers marriage-related services, such as pre-matrimonial counseling and the facilitation of the necessary legal documentation. Furthermore, we feature adult education programs, which delve into various Islamic disciplines such as Quranic exegesis and Islamic history. Moreover, educational programs geared towards children, including religious instruction and Quranic recitation, are also commonly provided by the centre. In summary, Abu Bakr Islamic Centre serves as a vital spiritual and educational center for the Muslim community, offering a diverse array of services to meet the religious needs of its ummah.